Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Three Life Pillars

The Three Life Pillars

The three most vital parts of any residence are:

  • The front door,
  • The master bed,
  • The stove.

By focusing on the three Life Pillars of your home, you can ensure that the basic energy of your home and life stays strong and solid. If you have Feng Shui issues in just one of these three areas, multiple life problems can result and if you can have issues in more than one of the Life Pillars – watch out! Need immediate action.

Recognizing the importance of the entry

The front door – the Mouth of Chi – is the first and greatest of the Life Pillars. The front door is the chief entry point for your home’s energy; it affects money, relationships, health, people and so on. The condition of the front door tells a good deal about your life and sets the tone for the Feng Shui of the entire house. If the conditions of your front door prevent sufficient energy from entering the house, all areas of your life can suffer.

Improving the place of rest and rejuvenation

The second Life Pillar is the master bed, which relates directly to rest, relationships and health. The bed also relates to your financial success because your sleeping position and the quality of your rest impact your ability to acquire money.

Activating your home’s energy generator

The Third Life Pillar and chief energy generator of the home is the stove, which generates health and prosperity. In the kitchen, the position of the stove and the cook are vitally important to your health and finances.

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