Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mobile cures

Mobile cures

Mobiles are objects that swirl and move, stimulating and circulating energy while projecting a uniquely calming effect. Mobiles rely on air currents for their movements. You can use mobiles, windsocks, flags, banners, pinwheels, and whirligigs. Mobile cures create new flows of energy, harmonize and balance chaotic energy, stimulate action and new thinking, and clear stagnation.


Mobiles are an excellent addition to a space needing circulation, movement or clearing. The mobile’s gentle swaying rotation soothes and settles. Mobiles can also diffuse sharp energies, like those caused by the protruding corner of a desk, counter, bookshelf, or wall. Another effective use of a mobile is to fill an area that lacks definition, or create balance by bringing down or filling in a ceiling that is too high.

Flagpoles and light poles

A commonly recommended cure in many Feng Shui situations is to place a flagpole or light pole in a key location. Besides adding color, motion and light energy to the area, flagpoles and light poles play another very important role. They act as earth needles, tapping into the chi of the earth and lifting it high above the surface. Raising the chi is an important function in Feng Shui. Energy with an upward motion promotes life and growth, while downward energy promotes decay and decline. Flagpoles and light poles thus have dual effects of uplifting and enlivening. Also a hollow flagpole is more powerful than a solid one; a hollow pole acts an attractor for earth energy, uplifting the chi of the earth, which blesses and uplifts the prosperity.

Flags and banners

Flags add unique qualities of color and symbolism to your cures. A green flag which is favored in Feng Shui denotes health, vitality, life, and money. Other colors can be used according to your needs and the design of the space. Designs or emblems on your flag or banner are fine, as long as they appeal to you. Such emblems may include your family crest, a state, or national flag, your alma matter or favorite football or cricket team, sunflowers, lady bugs, or any other image that pleases or energizes you. Use your gut feeling as a final arbiter in choosing your Feng shui flags.


Windsocks are effective tools for both interior and exterior cure applications. Because they combine motion with color, windsocks help stimulate, activate, and enliven dead energy areas, such as alleys and dead-end roads. Road traffic moving too quickly past a house (excess chi) pulls away the house’s chi. But placing a windsock or three windsocks in strategic locations, such as near the offending road can calm the negative effects of this excess chi and stabiles the area.

Pinwheels and whirligigs

Pinwheels are quick, inexpensive way to enliven a garden path or draw chi along a driveway or walkway. Whirligigs are small yet effective energy generators that are also useful for calming or counteracting excess traffic chi.

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