Monday, November 26, 2012

Opening the Feng Shui Toolbox:

Opening the Feng Shui Toolbox:

Creating Your Cures

Here are the five key methods at your disposal that you can use to create cures. The method you implement depends on such things as your particular needs and wishes, your budget, and your sense of aesthetics.

Creating Positive Placement

Creating positive placement means putting things in their right places or most favorable locations. Good or bad placement affects you in important ways. The arrangement of your things determines how the chi or energy circulates through your environment. And this chi flow directly affects your body and mind. Your bed location, for example, impacts many life areas, including your marriage, your level of pep and vitality, and how much income you enjoy.

In the same way, the placement of your office desk is important because it dictates where and how you sit and appear, as well as how you interact with the people and energy entering your office. Important placement areas include your bed, desk, stove, and others.

Adding what’s needed, minor and otherwise

This category of cures involves adding objects to your environment. These cures range from planting a new tree or constructing a flowerbed to adding furniture or a mobile or installing a mirror. Think of the cures in this category as the acupuncture needles of Feng Shui. The proper addition at the right point in your space can create dramatic changes in the energy and in your life.

Cleaning the path for energy to flow

Another important strategy involves removing whatever isn’t needed, whatever’s in the way, and anything that simply needs to go. Almost everyone is to some degree a packrat. You belong to a clutter of compulsive collectors, and lighting the load can free up your energy and your life considerably.

The problem with clutter is that it blocks the energy circulation in your home and in you, especially if the offending items sit in hallways or other common areas and also if the clutter is hidden in a closet or garage. Superfluous junk burdens your psyche, holds you back, and trips you up. Shoes sitting behind the front door need to be moved. Useless objects cluttering the closets and garage are better thrown out or donated to a charitable organization.

Adjusting cures: Repairing, cleaning and changing

This involves altering and adjusting existing items in your house to improve their energy value. Examples of this type of cure include repairing broken things, replacing burnt-out light bulbs, and, of course, the all-important cleaning. What’s important about these changes? Simply: this: whatever’s out of order in your environment provides a subtle or profound influence for you to be out of order. A broken or not maintained feature of your home provides a continuous subconscious influence of malfunction and decay.

Changing the spirit of the place: Using ceremony to create a new feeling

Ceremony was the first human science and is still an essential part of human experience. A woman putting on her make-up and a dash perfume before a date; a man puts on his power suit for an important meeting; a pitcher tugging his baseball cap with every new batter; even fans and players singing the national anthem before each game. What are these habits if not ceremonies, particular actions performed to trigger specific effects? But awareness of ceremony has been pushed out of modern awareness due to society’s current fixation on technology and science. Feng Shui definitely has not forgotten, and still makes good use of the power and influence of ceremonies.

Ceremonies unite the material world in which we live with the unseen realms of energy to which we are also connected. Feng Shui ceremonies are energy procedures that change the spirit and feeling of your home’s chi. They purify unseen negativity, remove bad luck, provide protection, create new beginnings, and add cheerful energy to your environment.

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