Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Symbols you live by

Symbols you live by

The primary level of symbolism in Feng Shui is the relationship between you and your living environment. This connection is universal symbolism; everyone has a fundamental relationship to his or her living space. Thus the Feng Shui saying, “Your house is you.” Of course, this saying isn’t literally true but is a metaphor – a symbolic way of communicating the importance and impact your dwelling has on you and your family. Symbolically speaking, your house represents and reflects you, your body, and your mind and spirit on various levels. But don’t think of this metaphor as only a concept. The state of your house strongly influences the state of your psyche and your life.

To continue, the main door of your residence represents your self, your security and safety, and your voice. Door inside the home represent the voices of the adults, while the windows represent the voices of the children. The door-knob symbolizes your grip on life, and the list of correlations goes on and on.

You can also apply the symbolic principle by keeping in mind two metaphors: “Your environment is your mirror” and “Your house symbolizes your body.” Saying that your environment surroundings reflect back to you something about who you are. For example your bedroom directly correlates to relationships.

The other Powerful Metaphor – Your house symbolizes your body – relates to an entire branch of Feng Shui concerned with the relationship between your house and different parts of your physical body. For example the main beam of the house represents the spine, the walls represent your skin, the plumbing relates to your body’s elimination system, and so on.

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