Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Using your body to feel energy

Using your body to feel energy

Reading energy is based on the following simple principle: Your body always tells you the truth. The only problem is that your body doesn’t shout at you; it speaks quietly, so you have to quiet down and listen to your body to hear its invaluable messages. So the next time you enter a new environment, stop, pay attention, and feel what’s going on inside yourself. Whatever input your body gives you; try to accept it without judging or second-guessing it. Just notice it and feel it.

In addition to paying attention to the rate, ease, and depth of your breathing, Be aware of other ways to sense your body’s reactions to environmental energies. Again, the best time to use these techniques is immediately upon entering a location, as humans tend to adjust rapidly and seamlessly to their environments. After you’ve been in a place for an hour or more, you’re less consciously sensitive to its effects than in the first minute or two after entering. 

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