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Troubleshooting the Octagon

Troubleshooting the Octagon

For many homes, placing the Octagon on the floor plan is easy and straight-forward. However questions arise in several common situations.

Missing areas and projections

The ideal house shape is a regular one – square or rectangle. A regular shape supports a natural, positive balance. Yet an irregular house shape isn’t necessarily negative, but can bode either good or ill for the home’s occupants depending upon the shape and on the Feng Shui cures you use or fail to use. Missing areas of your floor plan are negative features that block chi flow in the corresponding life area. Projections, on the other hand, represent extra areas where energy circulates, providing additional chi, and thereby improving one’s fortune in that life area. You can have both at once in the same floor plan. To illustrate, if you have a missing area in the Children Area of the Octagon and a projection in the Fame Area, you are likely to have a good reputation but may have problems with your children. These principles hold true for the shape of your lot as well.

Difficult Floor Plans

If your floor plan is too complex, correctly placing the Octagon can be difficult. Or your floor plan ma be unusually odd-shaped, also making correct Octagon placement difficult. A potential solution for such cases is simply to use the Octagon on each room in the house. Or you may want to seek a professional Feng Shui Consultant for assistance.

Entrances with turns

The situation can be a little tricky if you enter the house in one direction, yet turn to continue into the body of the house in another direction. In such cases, you can orient the Octagon according the direction of greatest traffic flow coming into the house.

Angled entrances

A front door at 45 degree angle, present two possible ways to place the Octagon on the floor plan. Which is correct? The solution comes in two steps: First determine which of the two sides of the house experiences greater traffic flow. Then place the Octagon at 90-degree angle to this direction.

Placing the Octagon upstairs and down

The main floor of the house is the most important in terms of Octagon assessment. If you wish to place the Octagon on an upper floor or basement, keep in mind these tips:

  • The entrance (main door/Mouth of Chi) of any floor other than the ground level floor (meaning a floor accessed by stairs) is its landing.
  • Internal stairways constitute missing areas of the Feng Shui Octagon of both floors that the stairway connects.

Changing your Life with the Octagon

A good way to use the Octagon is to select the areas that correspond to the most important life changes you want to make. If you want to increase family harmony, the Family Area is good place to begin. Go to this area of your home. Quite down and take a look. Feel the energy using the methods. Things may jump out at you and clamor for changes and cures.

Another good way to use the Octagon is to look for correlations between each Octagon Area of the house and the corresponding life patterns you’re experiencing. For example, if the Wealth Area of your house is cluttered and messy and your finances are in complete disarray, the correlation is easy to make. Cleaning up the area and keeping it clean can bring about some noticeable effect in your financial circumstance. Even room looks much nicer with these. Feng shui is nothing if not practical.

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