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Light Cures

Light Cures

Light cures come in three main types: lights, faceted crystal spheres, and mirrors. These cures add beneficial energy qualities to spaces in need, including additional light, brilliance, expansion, and cheer. Lighting levels and lighting quality naturally affect humans in many ways making light cures a powerful tool in your Feng Shui tool box.


Lights, such as overhead lights, lamps, incandescent lights, or other kinds, can add brightness and cheer to an area. With Light, the general rule is the brighter, the better. Lights used in Feng Shui cures don’t have to be on at all times, but they should remain in good working condition. If the bulb in your Feng Shui cure burns out, the cure is nullified.

Faceted crystal spheres

Faceted crystal spheres made by adding 30 percent lead oxide to pure glass have many useful Feng Shui applications. Faceted crystal spheres come in a range of sizes. When Sunlight hits these crystal spheres, prismatic rainbows scatter beautifully through the house. Crystal spheres shift the energy of a space in several important ways including:

  • Adding light, expansion, and new energy
  • Redirecting energies towards a more beneficial direction
  • Harmonizing confusing or chaotic flows of energy
  • Protecting you from poison arrows of energy by refracting and diffusing energy flows
  • Empowering and adding in visualizations
  • Attracting and drawing energy to a location
  • Looking so darned beautiful! Most important beauty is powerful element of Feng Shui.

Quartz crystals geodes from the ground can also be employed for Feng Shui cures, but their methods of use are complex and faceted crystals are comparatively highly effective. Leaded crystal spheres are important because the lead is what creates the prismatic effect. Regular glass spheres don’t provide the same level of curing power.


Mirrors are a key Feng Shui tool as useful as a Swiss Army Knife. Mirrors are best used in one of fours shapes: square, rectangular, octagonal, and circular. Any of these fours shapes are effective. Square and rectangular mirrors symbolize balance, while circular mirrors represent wholeness, oneness, and unity. Octagonal mirrors denote power and have the positive symbol of representing the Feng Shui Octagon. However, mirrors used for regular viewing not just for d├ęcor and mirrors hung on doors are best rectangular or square. Generally, large mirrors create stronger cures than smaller mirrors.

Depending on the need, mirrors can be used to

  • Add light and brightness
  • Attract new energy to space
  • Repel negative or harmful chi.
  • Redirect an energy flow
  • Expand an area, energetically creating more space.
  • Magnify or strengthen one’s image
  • Empower an Octagon Area for a particular life need.
  • Restore a missing area of a room or house.

Mirrors checking before purchasing:
Avoid mirrors with visible ripples or flaws in the glass or frame. To check a mirror for visible distortions, stand to one side and look into the mirror and then pick out a specific reflected object. Holding your eye steady on the object, sway your body back and forth evenly from left to right. If the object seems to move in a wave-like manner or appears deformed in any way, the mirror is distorted. Such a mirror is better replaced or not bought in the first place. Mirrors symbolize your self-image and clarity of mind, so distorted mirrors can have subtle and unpleasant effects on your psyche.

Avoid using mirrors that are smoked or darkened, odd-shaped, or have etchings or any other embellishments on them. Mirror tiles are best avoided. The ideal mirror is a plain, flawless surface. A small bevel around the edges is fine. You can frame your mirrors or use no frame at all. Feng Shui recommends replacing antique mirrors that are scratched, pitted, or marred. If you are attached to the beauty of an antique mirror frame, whose glass is flawed or visibly aged, keep the frame and replace the mirror portion.

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