Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fragrance cures

Fragrance cures

Smell, one of the most powerful and evocative senses, directly stimulates the limbic system and often triggers the instant recall of rich and long-forgotten memories. Pleasant odors are frequently related to good feelings, higher states of well-being, and increased awareness. In the East, it is commonly believed that good spirits prefer environments that have pleasant, uplifting odors. Cures in this category include incense, essential oils, and flowers.


When using incense as an energy adjustment, high quality incense rather than inexpensive brands that commonly incorporate synthetic oils and perfumes. Synthetic incense is not only less effective but is also much less enjoyable and can even be irritating to the senses.

Essential Oils

While talking about essential oils, quality is definitely the important word for effectiveness. When essential oils are processed, heat and exposure to light rapidly degrade their subtle molecular structure and destroy their vital qualities. With oils, you definitely get what you pay for, and quality essential oils are worth the extra price. Two excellent brands of oils are Young Living and Tisserand. Fragrant oils can improve your health and your mood as well as your environment.

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