Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Psychology of Feng Shui

The Psychology of Feng Shui

Attitude determines the potential for success in any endeavor, including performing Feng Shui in your home. How you approach your Feng Shui practice helps determine how much it contributes to your increased life energy and success.

Improvement is possible in any situation

Like gravity, Feng Shui works equally for all things. Whether you’re rich or poor, happy or sad, atheist or Christian, the same energy is available and the same principles apply. No situation is hopeless, and something can be done to remedy any environment and life circumstances. At worst you may need to move. Moving is a Feng Shui remedy, as long as you move to the right place – the right change of environment can change your life. No matter who you are, whether you’re Donald Trump or Donald Duck, you can benefit from arranging your living and working environments according to Feng Shui principles. The results may be subtle; they may be dramatic. But you can see positive results.

Maximizing your current situation

The idea of maximizing your current situation follows on the heels of improving any situation. A special magic delivers from pulling out all the stops and using everything available. When you know that you have done all that you can, a burden lifts, your psyche shifts, and the situation changes. Something new and unexpected comes into picture.

You have heard the saying, “Pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you.” This truly great advice equals a Feng Shui belief: “Take action as if the Feng Shui of your house determines your life course. Apply every reasonable option and then stretch it a bit further. Then prepare for great results.”

You are the centre of the equation

Whether you believe in science or in a higher power, life is still a mystery. No one controls all events in his or her life. However, you have free will, so you can take positive actions to influence the areas you want to affect. In Feng Shui, you are the central factor in your environment. And your actions make the differences that led to substantial and beneficial life changes.

Choosing to change your life for the better

After you realize that you can act to improve your situation, the next step is to decide to begin. The decision to act is made by anyone who ever accomplishes anything worthwhile in life. Now it’s your turn. Look closely at your present situation; practical methods for creating changes that can lead to a better life.

Being open to change and receiving the new

When you put Feng Shui into action, prepare for changes! Some life shifts may be dramatic and sudden; others may be subtle and gradual. The key is to be open to new things and ideas, to be willing to act, and to be receptive to change. The mind is like a parachute: It works best when open. The people who gets the best results from Feng Shui proceed with an open mind, a positive outlook, and a clear intention.

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