Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weight Cures, Powered Cures, Touch cures

Weight Cures

These cure tools provide needed weight or solidity to a space by literally adding substantial mass or presence to a site, generating feeling of stability and calm. Heavy cures can also be used to emphasize or give form to a certain area of point. For example, a heavy rock or statue can be used to energetically complete missing area of a house. A heavy cure can emphasize and strengthen a needy area of the property of fill in a missing area. The weight cure can also be a heavy desk or other piece of furniture or even an outbuilding added to the property like a greenhouse, garage, or tool shed.

A more mystical form of weight cure is called a yu pronounced you. A yu is a small bowl with a shallow base, a wide body and shallow mouth. If a yu is properly prepared, it can cure many problem areas.

Powered Cures

Powered cures often utilize electrical objects such as appliances featuring generators or motors. The energy generated by these appliances can be used to activate particular areas of your space. Powered cures are used mainly to generate energy or create activity in a specific Life Area of the Feng Shui Octagon.

Firecrackers can also be used as a powered cure. Placed symbolically over the front door on the inside of the house, help to protect the home and its occupants. Depending on your intention when placing them, firecrackers can also activate new sources of revenue, enhance an occupation, and attract important business connections.

Touch cures

Touch cures engage your kinesthetic sense to awaken or adjust your energy. For instance, place a green vine around the hand rail of a stairway so each time you ascend or descend the stairs, your hand brushes the vine and tangibly connects to its symbolic life energy. Touch cures can give a boost to your recuperative powers and stimulate good health.

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