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The Nine Life Areas of The Octagon

The Nine Life Areas of The Octagon

The Octagon divides the floor plan into nine areas called guas in Chinese. Each of the areas – called areas of the Octagon or Life areas – holds a different energy and corresponds to a specific area of your life. If your home is square, the sizes of these areas are equal. In odd shaped houses, the sizes of the areas vary. The Octagon enables you to pinpoint the areas you need or wish to work on and then to proceed with knowledge and awareness.

For example, suppose you need more money. First use the Octagon, pinpoint area of your house that affects wealth; then assess the energy conditions of this area and make changes or adjustments or cures to improve its energy.

The Nine Life Areas of the Octagon and their corresponding locations in the environment:
Helpful People
Located in the right front area
Located in the centre front
Located in the left front
Located in the center left
Located in the back left
Located in the back center
Located in the back right
Located in the center right
Located in the center of the Octagon

You can apply Octagon to both your home including the lot and your office. You can use the Octagon for physical healing and good health. For example, Marriage Area is connected with the internal organs, So the proper cure placed in the Marriage Area can help energize an organ that is out of balance.

In Feng Shui, everything is energetic and interrelated with everything else. Color is another form of energy and has profound affects on your life. Feng Shui associates certain colors with each are of the Octagon.

In Feng Shui, no one Octagon Area is more important than any other. The areas are all interrelated and when aligned to Feng Shui principles, contribute to a balanced, full, and prosperous life. Deciding which area to focus on at any given time is entirely up to you. Also, the correlations given for each issue are by no means the only ones. For example, family issues are affected not only by the Family Area of the Octagon, but also by rooms in which the family spends time together, such as the living and dining rooms. In other words, there is natural energetic overlap.

The Helpful People Area of the Octagon

  • Location: Right front
  • Colors: Gray, white, and black
  • Body part Association: Head

The Helpful People Area relates to any travel you do. If you travel a lot or plan to travel more and wish to be safe on your tips, this area must be enhanced. Helpful People is also associated with benefactors or people who help you in your life.

Enhancing this area can also improve your networking, your business associations, colleagues, employees, clients, customers, suppliers, other worldly contacts, or even a circle of friends. This area is also associated with the fortunes of male members of the family, such as a husband, son, or brother.

The Career Area of the Octagon

  • Location: Front center
  • Colors: Black and Midnight blue
  • Body part Associations: Ears and kidneys.

The Career Area of the Octagon concerns your work, career success, and how you make a living. This life are is a great one to cure if you want to find a better job, get a promotion, make better relationships with your co-workers, or receive increased recognition at work. This area of the house can impact your career more than your business office does. Because the Career Area is in the front of the house, this area is also connected to your relationship with the world outside of your home.

The Knowledge Area of the Octagon

  • Location: Front left
  • Colors: Blue, green, and black
  • Body part association: Hand

The Knowledge Area of the Octagon affects the mental/inner/spiritual/personal areas of your life. If you desire to become smarter, wiser, or quicker-witted – concentrate this area. Because this Life Area is associated with knowledge, information, and insight, it is also associated with your spiritual/religious life, personal growth, and self development, so adjusting the knowledge Area can be very helpful in these areas.

In a business context, the knowledge Area is concerned with business data, competitive intelligence, good decision making, and computer networks. If you deal with the Internet and its deluge of data, curing the Knowledge Area can help you keep up with the continuous change and flow of information.

The Family Area of the Octagon

  • Location: Center left
  • Colors: Green and blue
  • Body part association: Foot

The Family Area concerns your nuclear family as well as all your relatives. Family is the Feng Shui arena to work on to resolve interpersonal family conflicts or to promote family harmony.

In business, the Family Area affects both employees and management. To a smaller extent, its influence extends to customers, vendors, and others who regularly interact with the business.

The Wealth Area of the Octagon

  • Location: Back upper-left
  • Colors: Purple, green, red and blue
  • Body part association: Hips

The Wealth Area correlates directly to the prosperity and abundance in your life; this area concerns your cash flow and your financial status. For financial improvement, focus your attention here. Keep in mind that in addition to the Wealth Area, your front entrance and your kitchen stove also strongly affect your money chi. And of course, in a business site, the Wealth Area is of primary concern.

The Fame Area of the Octagon

  • Location: Back center
  • Color: Red
  • Body part association: Eyes

Yes, this Life Area affects fame, acclaim, and public attention. Hollywood type of fame, complete with paparazzi, talk show appearances, and magazine articles, though harmonizing this Feng Shui space can’t guarantee the above mentioned results. This area also has a more practical, even mundane side. Fame in this area also means your personal reputation – how your peers, your neighbors, and your community see you. Not everyone can be famous after all.

Everyone, including you, has a reputation of some kind. Having a good reputation brings many benefits in life; a poor reputation is a n obvious stumbling block. The Fame Area also influences how you envision your life, so this are is good to enhance if you’re setting goals or planning your future.

In the business world, this area relates to marketing, public relations, market position, and word of mouth about your company. To improve your business or corporate reputation, be sure to pay some Feng Shui attention to this area.

The Marriage or Partnership Area of the Octagon

  • Location: Back upper-right
  • Colors: Pink, red and white
  • Body part associations\: Internal organs

The Marriage Area is specifically related to the status of your marriage or significant relationship. This area affects the quality of your existing relationship and also affects your ability or chances to find a new partner, if you so desire. According to Feng Shui energetics, this area is associated with the nurturing energy of the Earth and is also connected to the females in the household – the wife and mother, daughters, sisters, and so on.

In business, this area is called the Partnership Area, and it affects your primary business partnerships, whether internal business partnerships or the key external partnerships with which the business engages.

The Children Area of the Octagon

  • Location: Center right
  • Color: White
  • Body part association: Mouth

The Children Area is connected to the health, well-being, and progress of your children. If you’re having trouble conceiving a child, apply Feng Shui cures to this area. The Children Area also impacts your creativity, whether artistic or otherwise, and the clarity and quality of your communication.

In a business, the Children Area connects to employees as well as to work creativity and communication.

The Health Area of the Octagon

  • Location: Center
  • Color: Yellow and earth tones
  • Body part association: Any body part not associated with the other eight areas

The Health Area of the Octagon is primarily concerned with physical health. Enhance this area with Feng Shui cures if you want to boost your physical vitality and stamina. Because this area’s position is in the center, the Health Area also relates to the self and affects all areas of your life at once. The Health Area is the hub of the wheel where all the spokes connect; the energies of the other eight areas all pass through and connects to the center.

In a business, the Health Area relates both to the physical health of the people in the area and to the financial health of the business itself.

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