Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Symbols: The environment is talkin’

Symbols: The environment is talkin’

Symbols affect you on three different levels – universal, cultural, and personal – all of which involve our living space. The Feng Shui of your home and office addresses all three of these levels of symbolic effect.

Universal symbols: Representations that hold true for everyone. For example, your stove symbolizes nourishment and health. Regardless of individual cultural conditioning, the stove or cooking fire represents the same thing to all human beings, so the stove is a universal symbol. In the same way, the bedroom symbolizes cleansing and elimination, the bed symbolizes relationship and marriage, and so on.

Cultural symbols: Connections between objects and meanings those are valid only in a particular culture. The Liberty Bell is a uniquely American cultural symbol. Any American who sees this bell with its characteristic crack in the side thinks – let freedom ring.

Personal symbolism: A connection between objects, events, and meanings that is valid only for your or your family. For instance, a picture of your relatives on the wall or the image on your family coat-of-arms has unique symbolic value for you, but means little to a stranger visiting your home.

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