Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Discovering the Magic of the Octagon

Discovering the Magic of the Octagon

Using the Ba-Gua or namely called the Feng Shui Octagon is an instrumental element of Feng Shui analysis. The Ba-Gua enables you to discern how the areas of your space like as house, yard, office and rooms are impacting the corresponding areas of your life. All spaces affect you; Which area affects what? The Feng shui Octagon provides elementary key to answering this question.

What is the Feng Shui Octagon?

The Feng Shui Octagon is an energetic map or a tool used to diagnose energy qualities in your space that applies the wisdom of the I-Ching which is an ancient book of Chinese knowledge to human spaces. Using the Octagon, you divide any definable space into nine sections or areas, each with its own corresponding set of influences and energies. A definable space must have specific boundaries and one discernible main entrance. Octagon is easy to memorize so can be applied it mainly whenever you enter a room or house and, therefore, more easily discern its Feng Shui Qualities.

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