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Five Types of Feng Shui Cures

Five Types of Feng Shui Cures

To remedy or enhance any life situation, you can always choose from a range of options. Feng Shui cure you choose depends on the nature of the problem, your particular goals, and your financial circumstances. Each level of cures has advantages and disadvantages require varying expenditures of time, energy, and yes, sometimes cash. As with many decisions, budget is often the bottom line.

The following list gives you five levels of solutions you can use to bring your home into tip-top Feng Shui shape. To save time and money and keep things practical you can choose according to the most suitable to you.

  • Move to a different house or build a new one. This cure is the most radical you can perform and is also quite expensive, so if you choose this option, make sure that you do it right. Meaning make sure your new home has better Feng Shui than your old one. This cure should be the final alternative when current home can’t be sufficiently cured.
  • Perform major remodeling or landscaping to fix the problem. This cure is an excellent option for effectiveness, provided that you perform it according to valid Feng Shui principles. This solution, like moving to a different house, has obvious drawbacks: expense, time, investment, and inconvenience. However, it also has obvious advantages. And as with the costly option of buying a house, if you go this route, make sure that you do it right!
  • Devise an energetic placement or adjust that changes the chi flow. These are the real cost effective ways of solving Feng Shui problems without making structural changes in your house. The focus is on practical methods you can use to create noticeable, desired effects, so you can perform cures with minimal expense.
  • Conduct a blessing ceremony to change, clear, or shift the energy. Feng Shui ceremonies work on the energy of your house or lot at once, giving them great power. Ceremonies work on a purely energetic level affecting the invisible elements of the site. These invisible elements include spiritual and emotional energies as well as energetic residue left by previous occupants or spillover from surrounding occupants. Blessing ceremonies help remove negative energies, calm chaotic chi, and instill prosperity and well-being. Blessing ceremonies are one of the most effective and least expensive Feng Shui methods. Though they typically involve no physical changes on the site, they can profoundly and positively impact your physical and mental health, well-being, and safety.
  • Adjust your personal chi directly. This method involves special personal energy adjustment practices you can use to change our life experience directly, without necessarily altering your house or environment. Personal chi cures work on personal inner environment, and work very much like blessing ceremonies do for your house and lot. These potent cures are also highly effective and inexpensive.

Using the Two Phase of Your Cures

One of the most important things to understand about cures is that they work in two realms at the same time: the visible or material realm, and the invisible or intangible realm. Each cure has two parts that correspond to these two realms. By paying equal attention to both parts of the cure, you can get maximum benefits and results from your cures.

Phase I: Performing the action of the cure

The first phase of the cure relates to the visible, material realm, This phase involves making physical changes in your environment; for example painting a room a new color, rearranging your furniture, or cleaning out a closet. The visible part of the cure accounts for perhaps 10 to 30 percent of a cure’s power. Phase I definitely creates an effect, but for maximum results, you need another powerful ingredient – Intention.

Phase II: Activating the intention of the cure

The invisible part of the cure deals with your thoughts, emotions, and feelings as you perform the cure. The secret of effective Feng Shui is your intention – the most important factor in effectiveness of the Feng Shui cures you perform! The intention of the cure generates 70 to 80 percent of its effectiveness. So take a closer look at these things called intention.

On one level intention is your awareness of your personal reasons for performing the cure and your desire to accomplish it. What do you want the cure to create, and how clearly do you want it to happen? These questions are a matter of intention. But intention is more than desire. On a second level, intention encompasses a combination of sincerity, will, visualization and faith. These factors work synergistically to activate or reinforce the physical portion of the cure, taking its power to new heights.

The combination of these two components – action and intention – can create curs with more than 100 percent effectiveness. What does over 100 percent mean? Over 100 percent means that a cure can not only fix a particular life problem, but can also make things better than they were before the problem started.

Cures are not mere mechanical adjustments that you make in an environment. Feng Shui changes involve your heart and mind as well as your house and lot.

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