Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Eight factors affecting your personal chi

Eight factors affecting your personal chi

Your inners self: you exert the biggest impact on your own energy. Your thoughts, moods, and choices continuously affect and modify your chi, for good or ill. So observe and discipline your inner self. Change your thinking habits for the better. Self adjustment in this way cultivates your chi, and it really works.
The people around you: The people you spend time with affect you profoundly. Every teacher of human growth throughout history has said that one of the most important factors determining the quality and course of your life is the people you surround yourself with. So spending more time in good company and less time in bad company is chi cultivation.
Your environment: Your environmental conditions your energy continuously and relentlessly. Because you can’t stop these influences, deciding to change them sticks you in the driver’s seat of life and allows you to assert more control over your own destiny. This control is where Feng shui enters the Picture. Conscious and mindful modifications of your environment is definitely cultivation of your chi.
Events: Things that happen in life affect your energy. A car accident, falling in love, a job loss, a promotion, a divorce…. All these things directly, profoundly, and noticeably affect your chi. You can’t stop things from happening, but you can somewhat influence and determine your response to what happens. This influence is also chi cultivation.
Conduct: Your actions throughout life continuously affect your chi. your conduct leaves lasting impressions in your own mind and emotions as well as in minds and emotions of others. These impressions become perpetual conditioning factors on your personal flow of chi.
Spiritual demeanor: Your religious or spiritual perspectives significantly influence your energy. So consciously developing this area of life and living in harmony with spiritual principles and values is chi cultivation.
Political climate: Political events clearly affect your energy to one degree or another. You can say that who you vote into office helps to determine the nation’s feng shui. Actively participating in the larger life around you to promote positive change is chi cultivation.
Others: Many unknown factors that constantly impact you. By continuing to grow in life and wisdom, you can discover more of these factors.

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