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Chi: The Energy of Feng Shui

Chi: The Energy of Feng Shui

Chi: The Energy of Feng Shui is the fundamental principle without which Feng Shui cannot exist. This Chinese word has several meanings: cosmic energy, life force, breath, and vapor. Chi is the invisible energy that animates all living things. Chi flows continuously: through meridians in your body, through your home, through the Earth, the heavens, the atmosphere, and the cosmos. Chi is the flow of life itself, and if chi is stopped flowing through you for even one second, you would cease to live.

The flow of chi in your environment affects every area of your life, influencing your health, your outlook, your decision making and even your sex life. The flow of chi in turn is influenced by the interior and exterior elements of physical environment. Colors, Shapes, orientation, lighting, objects and their positions and arrangements, the use of space, and the degree of cleanliness or clutter all impact and collectively determine your home's energy flow. This flow affects you continually, conditions your experience in your home and workplace, and significantly influences your future for good or for ill.

Chi comes to you from Multiple environmental sources like:

·                     The food you eat

·                     The air you breathe

·                     The water you drink

·                     The land and its vegetation

·                     The sun and other celestial bodies

·                     Your living environment

·                     Your working environment

Your body then transmits the energy and directs it into multiple activities: digestion, breathing, moving of muscles, thinking, working, sensing, worrying, complaining, lounging around the house, watching movies, and so many other important or not-so-importanthuman activities. All these activities powered by the same basic energy called chi...

The Chi of the Heavens

Heavenly chi includes the chi of the air, the weather, the sky, the stars, and the other heavenly bodies. The amount and quality of chi in the air helps determine the quality, the freshness, and vitality of the oxygen you breathe. Chi of the sky and atmosphere includes climatic influences that affect humans and other life forms. Cosmic chi is the energy of outer space and its celestial bodies: the sun, the moon, and the stars. Without solar chi, no life can exist on the earth.

The Chi of the earth

The Chi of the earth is the realm of Feng Shui. While civilization is not advanced enough to change things in space, civilization can certainly alter the chi of the earth, both for good or ill. The energy of the Earth is divided into many different categories: Feng shui masters have delineated hundreds of specific distinctions about the types of chi of different pieces of land. The most important distinction in Feng shui is whether the energy (chi) of a parcel of land is healthy and supportive of the humans who live in the area. At the extreme ends of the spectrum, the chi of the earth can be divided in to two  forms:

Lively, vibrant, and nourishing: This type of chi is abundant in locations like Hawaii, in old-growth redwood forests, or by healthy, moving streams. Such an environment generates lots of negative ions which are actually positive for our health, contains high levels of oxygen, and helps create a positive mental attitude.

Arid, barren and hostile: The chi in these conditions are unsupportive of human life and can actually drain life from the people who stay in these areas for long periods of time. These locations may feature negative magnetic fields, unbearable temperatures may hot or cold, and a lack of life forms. Examples are: Arctic and Antarctica, The Gobi Desert, Death Valley and Death Sea.

The chi of your house and living environment

The chi of homes can vary widely, depending on the energies of the residents and the general and specific details of the structure and the lot. The interaction between the chi of a living environment and the chi of the humans within this space is Feng shui, The house itself and the people living in it synergistically create the house of the chi, which in turn continuously affects and conditions the residents’ energy, actions, and to some degree, their destinies. Amazingly the way your home is situated can mean the difference between experiencing long term happiness and good fortune versus enduring missed opportunities and a more-difficult life path. Deciding between these two options and taking concrete actions to bring about the one you desire is the purpose of Feng shui.

Types of House Chi
Chi of House
Life Effects on Occupants
Studious chi
Atmosphere of learning and cultivation
Noble chi
Honor, principles, and worthiness are tangible
Angry chi
Feeling of tension, arguments, and bitterness
Fighting chi
Clashes, violence, and a feeling of fear in the air
Wealthy chi
Feeling of prosperity and abundance
Gambling chi
Fortunes can rise or fall rapidly
Lucky chi
Good Fortune and happiness prevail
Unlucky chi
Something bad may happen in this area
Death/dying chi
Chang this chi!

The Chi of humans

The chi states of people are measured against an ideal chi state and have many variations. The human chi states are classified according to their demeanor or dominant behavior patterns. For example, someone who’s prickly, pushy and display sharp edges around others has porcupine chi, a person who is physically present, but mentally absent, has daydreamer’s chi.

Types of Human Chi
Human chi type
Personal characteristics
Ideal chi
Energy is uplifted, smooth, balanced
Unable to speak the truth
Unfortunately, speaks the truth too much!
Deluded, prevents their own success
Moves in too many directions at once
Overly focused within themselves, easily become suspicious

The Flows of Chi

One of the most important things to remember about chi is that it flows like wind and water. Think of the flow of chi in your body and in your home as a river of energy. The main source of this energy river is your mouth, for your house the front door. To manipulate the flow of chi in your environment is to practice Feng shui. 

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