Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Minor Additions to Bring About Major Changes

Making Minor Additions to Bring About Major Changes

One of the easiest approaches is the Method of Minor Additions. The Method of Minor Additions operates on the principle of xie di (shyeh dee), which means “a little bit”. The principle used is akin to using four ounces of positive energy to deflect thousand pounds of negative force.

Minor Additions cures involve adding on of several kinds of “natural chi” such as light, sound, and water to adjust the energy of a location. These cures allow you to create tangible, desired changes without the need for remodeling, buying a new home, or turning your current home around on its foundation to face a different direction. Minor Additions cures are simple, practical, and above all, effective. They work immediately, and you can feel their energetic effects on the environment and on you.

Minor Addition cures use the energies of

  • Light
  • Sound
  • Living energy or spirit
  • Water
  • Color
  • Movement
  • Weight
  • Bamboo
  • Power
  • Fragrance
  • Touch

These all are minor additions can be used to any life situation, you can always choose from a range of options. Feng Shui cure you choose depends on the nature of the problem, your particular goals, and your financial circumstances. Each level of cures has advantages and disadvantages require varying expenditures of time, energy, and yes, sometimes cash. As with many decisions, budget is often the bottom line. But can give you thousand watts of life power.

These all minor additions or suggestions can give you improvement on the spot:
  • Can spice up your life
  • Can Let the good times to flow
  • Can Bring more energy and better luck in your life
  • Can make your home a good at first impression.
  • Can Position your bed to feel safe, loved, and great
  • Can Keep more dollars from draining out of your pockets
  • Can get rid of unwanted frustrations
  • Can Make you to Be your own boss

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