Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ideal chi and flow

Ideal chi states of your physical body

For the human body, the ideal state of chi is strong, smooth, and positive energy that is uplifted and evenly distributed through the body- it flows from the ground (feet) up to the head. You receive chi from many sources, but the main source is through your mouth, food, air, light, and chi all enter the body through the mouth to provide nourishment, sustenance, and energy. The best chi condition occurs when chi flows strongly through the whole body without any blocks, distortions, or flow problems.

Ideal chi states for the house

The chi in a house, circulates smoothly and freely through every part of the house, filling it with positive energy. This energy – which comes mainly through the front door – is the energetic income of the house. The front door is the main energy source this point is where the people enter. When your house chi is ideal and flowing it conducts sufficient energy to provide you with beneficial life circumstances. If the house contains obstructions the flow of chi is disrupted, and areas of the house can become energetically depleted, which in turn affects the people who live in the house. Generally a house that has depleted or distorted energy patterns results in disharmony and various life problems.

Beneficial Characteristics of ideal chi flow

  • Powerful

  • Positive

  • Uplifting

  • Flowing

  • Smooth

Negative Characteristics of chi flow

  • Rushing energy (comes too fast, unbalancing, lead to injuries)

  • Stagnant chi (prevents your goal from happening)

  • Blocked chi (can stop you in life)

  • Leaking chi (leads to loss of energy)

  • Piercing chi (can threaten your health and welfare)

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