Monday, November 19, 2012

Feng Shui to your advantage

Feng Shui to your advantage

Ten important ways that Feng Shui is influencing you right now.

  1. Your front door: This area receives most of the subtle energy in your home, influences your opportunities and the amount of income you command.
  2. The people who previously live in your house: They probably left behind some invisible vibes when they moved. The subtle traces of their feeling and experiences can hinder you for the first several years you live in the house.
  3. The placement of your stove: This can influence your cash flow and physical health. A chronically dirty stove can significantly affect your financial status.
  4. Clutter in your home or office: Junk blocks vital energy, leading to dozens of frustrations and subtle obstacles.
  5. The location of Bathroom: This can result in leaking money from your life or can raise significant health issues.
  6. Your bed position: This condition influences your love life to an amazing and unseen degree.
  7. The air quality and lighting levels: In your home or office, these circumstances directly affect your thinking patternsa nd endorphin levels, which in turn influence your performance, attitude, and results.
  8. The Colors you see: The color around you powerfully influence your mood, energy level, and effectiveness.
  9. Your desk position: This can make or break your career. The desk is the number one Feng shui factor for success on the job.
  10. Seeing your front door from the street: You may have to struggle hard for the opportunities you receive if your front door is hidden from the plain view.

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