Monday, November 19, 2012

Heaven, Earth and Human Realm

The Heaven Realm

Heavenly energy literally influences you daily through the climate, atmosphere, and air quality, and it influences you metaphorically through the place and time of your birth. Miracles and other unexpected interventions from above are also considered to be the working of heaven. 

Positive timing - a bit easier to control than heavenly help - also comes under the category of the Heaven Realm. To achieve the greatest chances for prosperityand good fortune, any plan should be stared at the proper time.To have Heaven luck is to have proper or auspicious timing for your endeavors.

The Earth Realm

The Earth Realm provides humans with all the materials needed to sustain life - food, shelter, clothing, and so on. According to Feng shui beliefs, the way humans position and orient themselves relative to their surroundings enormously impacts their welfare and destiny. Applying Feng shui to your environment maximizes the positive influences and minimizes the negative influences of the environment on your life.

Feng Shui and The Human Realm

The third realm that affects your life is the Human Realm. In addition to timing(Heaven luck) and positive positioning (Earth luck), you need the right people around you to create success in your projects. The actions   you and yourassociates undertake - and the harmony between all parties - is the factor that completes the picture. To be blessed with Human luck, you need the right people around you supporting you in your efforts.

Analyzing Western life in light of the Three Realms of Influence shows that most people rely first on themselves and their associates or family (Human luck), then on providence (Heaven luck), and very little or none at all on environmental circumstances (Earth luck) - Feng shui work begins here. In reality, all three realms are equally important for success. By waking up to the power and influence of Feng shui, you have a chance to increase your luck and grow into your fullest potential.

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