Monday, November 26, 2012

Placing the Octagon on your Floor Plan

The Feng shui is always set up in relation to the main front door of the house, never to a side or back or garage door. Each house has only one front door, which in Feng shui terms is called the Mouth of Chi. The Mouth of Chi is where the main flow of energy enters the house. For individual rooms, the trigrams is oriented according to the main door of the room.

Determining the line of the front door

To determine the line of the front door, draw a line on your floor plan running from left to right, directly through the plane of the front door. This line of the front door is important for two reasons: First, the line helps you to orient and place the octagon. Secondly, it tells you which parts of the structure are energetically in front of the front door.

Positioning the Octagon

If your home has a complicated shape, you may want to first practice the following exercise on a simple square house drawing, and then apply it to your house plan.

  1. Determine the front wall of the house. The front wall contains your front door.
  2. Draw the line of the front door.
  3. Determine if your door is in the right, middle, or left of the front wall of the house. A door on the right hand side of the front wall of the house is in the Helpful People Area of the Octagon. A door in the front middle area is in the Career Area. And a door on the left-hand side is in the Knowledge Area. In this Feng Shui system, these Octagon Areas are the only three which can contain the front door.
  4. Draw the front three Areas of the Octagon across the front line of the house. The Helpful People Area is always in the front right. The Career Area is always in the front centre. And the Knowledge Area is always at the front left.
  5. Draw the rest of the Octagon on the floor plan accordingly.

The Feng Shui Octagon is applicable to any space that you can define and that has clear front entrance. The Octagon can be placed on multiple spaces of your environment, giving you an increasingly detailed understanding of your Feng Shui causes and effects. An Octagon reading is typically centered on the house itself, but you can also place the Octagon on other chief spaces in your life, such as an office, a workout area, or a garden.

Two additional ways you can use the Octagon to analyze the environment and change its influences include:

  • Placing the Octagon on your lot. You can place the Feng Shui Octagon on your property plan to determine which areas of the lot to adjust to improve the corresponding areas of your life.
  • Placing the Octagon on the individual rooms of your house. The most important room is the master bedroom. Feng shui lore says that the Octagon of your bedroom impacts your life even more than the Octagon of your house and property.

A powerful Feng Shui technique is to use the Octagon to perform cures for the same issue in every room of the house at once. For example, if you want to increase your wealth, you can perform cures in the Wealth Area of each room of your house. This method has the potential to improve your home and your life dramatically.

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