Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Water Cures

Water Cures

Water represents connection, substance, wealth, and the flow of life. Humans have always chosen to live near sources of water, but today, sealed in our homes and workplaces; most people are cut off from contact with naturally flowing water and because of this lose something psychologically and energetically profound.

The Feng Shui solution is to add water to your environment, either on the property or inside the home. Flowing water creates soothing sounds like babbling brook, and the movement of water over stones and rocks which we say streams and waterfalls instigates a healthy, refreshing release of negative ions, which provide a sense of well-being, and make breathing easier.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Fountains and waterfalls create a new energy flow in any environment. Moving water is both surprising and pleasant to encounter indoors, and a well-placed fountain has a refreshing and beneficial impact in any home. But always avoid placing a fountain in the Fame Area of the Feng Shui Octagon. The Fame Area is the natural location of the Fire element, and because water puts out fire, a fountain in this area can have a dampening effect on your reputation.

The best fountains are ones in which you can see the flow of water and in which the water pools visibly rather than disappearing immediately. A particularly potent fountain is one in which the water’s flow performs work, such as turning a water wheel. Flowing water means flowing money, and this factor symbolizes that money not only comes to you but also that your funds are effective and create results. Another nice energetic touch is a fountain that incorporates a light in its design.

Ponds and pools

Still bodies of water represent stored wealth on the property as well as clarity and depth of knowledge. Ponds, lakes, and swimming pools generally enhance the chi of a property.

Key points for Ponds and pools should be observed:
  • The body of water shouldn’t be too large compared to the house, or it can energetically overwhelm the house and weaken the occupants’ chi.
  • The shape and placement of the body of water are also important:
    • A sharp angle of a swimming pool pointed towards the house resembles a cutting edge and can stimulate accidents in the residence.
    • A crescent-shaped pond positioned with the tips of the crescent point away from the house symbolizes money leaving the site.
    • Kidney shaped is positive because they are rounded, and kidney relates directly to the water element in the body. Kidney shaped ponds are best suited so they appear to hug the house, meaning wealth gathers and remains in the house.

  • The clearer your still water feature, the better for your finances and clarity of mind. Murky water on the property can result in funky financial deals and confusion.

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