Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Methods and ways to sense energy with your body

Methods and ways to sense energy with your body

  • Quiet yourself and feel your emotional impressions: All emotions register in the body as physical sensations that are usually felt from stomach up through the chest and throat. So open yourself and feel the effect of the space in your body. Notice any sensation in this key area and any emotion associated with it. Your body can give you extremely accurate emotional information about the energy of the space. If you are quiet and receptive – and trust the data you’re receiving – you’ll know what needs to be done to remedy any space using the various cures.
  • Check your body’s stability in the location: Do you feel a slight wobble as you stand? A lethargy or heaviness? Do you feel grounded and stable? Off-balance or spacey? Restless or calm? Closely observe whatever you feel. If you feel unstable, the energy is probably not balanced in the location. See if you can determine. If you feel comfortable, rooted, calm, and balanced, the energy of the space is most likely harmonious and positive.
  • Observe your thoughts in the space: Thoughts reflect the body’s feelings and emotions, so changes in thinking can serve as a barometer of how the space is impacting your energy. Notice your thoughts or frame of mind before entering a space. Try to enter clear and calm. Do your thoughts change when you enter? Does your frame of mind shift either positively or negatively? Pay attention.
  • Pay attention to your body’s reactions: Entering an area with negative chi tends to register more in your stomach or head than in other body parts. So if you feel a sudden discomfort, an ache or dizziness in your head, or tightening in your stomach after entering a space, it can be a sign of negative chi. Conversely, if you feel relaxed, open, happy, or clear-headed, it can be a sign of positive chi. Also notice if you feel suddenly hot or cold upon entering the space or if you get a strange taste in your mouth. These temperature and taste changes are not definitive signs of good and bad chi, rather they’re like a cloudy day versus a sunny day – they give you valuable information about what’s happening in space. Interpreting this information is a matter of institution and practice.
  • Observe your energy level: Figuring out what your energy level is telling you is really quite simple. If a space has good energy, you feel energetically good, whether calm, happy, alert, or even excited. If an area has low energy, it can suck energy from its occupants. In such a space you are likely to feel low, tired, lethargic, lazy or down. 

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