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Sound cures

Sound cures

Sound cures are very effective for clearing old, negative energy and bringing new, positive energy into a space. You can choose from two types of sound cures: ones with a ringing quality or ones with any other kind of sound. Ringing cures are more powerful, but you can use almost any sound-emitting tool to create a cure. Tools for ringing cures include wind chimes, bells, and gongs. Modern day ringing devices include telephones, mobiles, alarm clocks, and classroom bells, which never fail to grab your attention.

Sound cures create beneficial effects by

  • Stimulating new energy
  • Awakening, arousing, and alerting
  • Calling forth a message
  • Sending a reply
  • Strengthening the energy of a location, person, or Octagon Area
  • Providing protection, Burglar alarms are just glorified bells.
  • Creating harmony, peace, and balance.

Special powers of the red ribbon

When hanging Feng Shui cures like faceted crystal spheres, wind chimes, or mobiles, use a red string, ribbon, or cord for best results. The color red is the most potent transformative color in Feng Shui. Red symbolizing fire and energy that makes changes happen. The red string practice may also harkens back to the shamanic roots of Feng Shui, as red string is used even today by native medicine men and women in their ritual healing work.

In addition to the color red, another key factor is to cut your hanging ribbon or string to a multiple of 9 inches long, such as 9 inches, 18 inches, 27 inches, and so on. Nine is the most powerful number in Feng Shui theory; it symbolizes completion and peak accomplishment. Therefore, using a red cord with a 9-inch multiple in length for your cures adds the two potent energetic elements of color and number to your cures.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can be used for a multitude of curing purposes, both indoors and out. Chimes help attract new energy, stimulate opportunities, and blow out obstacles in your life. Be sure to hang your wind chimes with a red ribbon or cord for the greatest effect.

Which kind of Wind chimes should be purchased?

Wind chimes used as cures are best made of metal and chime clear tones. Metal chimes truly ring, whereas those made of other materials do not ring and thus have less curing power. Brass is the favored metal for chimes.

Sound quality – the clarity and tone of the ring – is the most important chime factor. So listen to your chimes before purchasing them to ensure a high – quality ring. Also a chime sound should be pleasing to you to be highly effective in adjusting your energy. Don’t hang a chime that you don’t love simply. If you detest the sound of a chime, its energy may be less helpful to you.

If the chimes inside your house don’t ring, don’t worry! Interior wind chimes are still very effective. If you wish you can activate a wind chime by ringing it as you pass by, creating chi on demand.


A bras bell is a good cure for an area where a chime is inappropriate. A brass bell sitting on a desk or counter can provide activation where needed. Gongs are excellent solutions for entrances to homes, properties, or buildings.

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