Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cultivating chi

Cultivating chi

One of the most important things in life is cultivating one’s chi. You can call your chi cultivation personal Feng shui. You cultivate chi in the same way you cultivate anything else – With time, patience, attention, and careful steps. For example, to cultivate a vegetable garden you do the following things: Pay close attention to how the garden is doing, feed, water, and care for it, protect it from pests and intruders, continuously create the things you want can flourish, and you may also want to increase your knowledge of gardening techniques and principles.

Chi cultivation: Benefits and rewards

Chi is life, so cultivating your chi enhances and improves your life in all areas and expands your sphere of influence in life, at home, in relationships, and at work. The many and desirable results of chi cultivation include:

Improved physical health
Enhanced mental health
Increased intellectual ability and wisdom
Increased spiritual and psychic power
Better luck
Improved family and personal relationships
Character benefits such as becoming more calm, tolerant, patient, honest, and so on.

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